Online Iridology Diagnosis

We will send you a complete Iridology Analysis Report and Nutritional Regimen for $100. Photos should be send in (JPEG) format and must be clear images of the left and right irises.

Steps & Instructions

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Pay $100 online via our secured payment system.
  3. Take your Iris Photo (See instructions below).
  4. Email Us the photos
  5. You’ll receive your Iridology Analysis Report in 10 days.

Take Iris photographs:

  1. Set your camera to its MACRO setting.
  2. Attempt to use natural lighting with a flash.
  3. Set the photo size for the highest resolution (ie. 1024 x 768).
  4. Be sure entire iris is visible and in focus (open real wide!!).
  5. Confirm there are no extra reflections or glares in picture.
  6. Take 3 clear and magnified digital photographs.
  7. Take 3 clear and magnified digital photographs.

Your photographs must:

  • Show the entire color portion of iris (full circle present); if this proves difficult, gently use thumb and forefinger to move skin away from eye while photographing.
  • Avoid glare or flash marks (glare is “ok” if within the black pupil).
  • Avoid “red eye” as this could compromise analysis results.
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