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Duolife Keratin Hair Complex is a unique product in the world market of dietary supplements. It is a complex action in 3 steps:
1. The product helps hair grow
2. It reduces hair loss
3. It adds more hair density and volume.

KERATIN HAIR COMPLEX is a 100% natural dietary supplement, developed to maintain the best condition of hair, skin and nails. A composition of patented, standardized and clinically tested raw materials, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids, contributes to the stimulation of hair and nail growth and supports natural skin functions.


Hair falls out every day and this is a natural physiological process. However, if the number of hairs lost exceeds 100 a day and the excessive hair loss persists for more than a few weeks, it means that their condition has deteriorated. There are many causes of hair loss: improper diet, stress, smoking, past and present illnesses, hormonal disorders, anaemia, medication – these are the most common causes of alopecia. Also nails and skin suffer from the above mentioned causes; nail plates become thin and brittle and the skin loses its firmness and resilience – wrinkles appear, acne changes intensify and wounds heal worse1 . In each of these cases, a proper, balanced diet and proper supplementation can support a better condition of hair, skin and nails.

DuoLife KERATIN HAIR COMPLEX dietary supplement is the optimal choice for use as a supportive preparation for people: < Wishing to maintain their hair, skin and nails in a good condition; < Prone to losing hair, both men and women; < With thin, weak hair, with split ends; < With fragile and brittle nails; < With skin problems, such as acne vulgaris, difficult to heal wounds.


DuoLife KERATIN HAIR COMPLEX contains plant extracts and juices rich in antioxidants and solubilized keratin, providing the body with valuable amino acids. The preparation helps protect and repair damaged hair, nails and skin.

KERATIN HAIR COMPLEX – usage: 25 to 50 ml once a day, before meal.


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