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Is a liquid dietary supplement that contains natural botanicals, including the proprietary formulas of CogniviaTM* i Aronvit®, enriched with inositol and an active form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). The product is composed of highest quality natural raw ingredients supporting concentration, memory, and cognitive processes in both the young and elderly. It is a valuable source of vitamins and plenty of active compounds found in standardised plant extracts.

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Memory and concentration problems affect more and more people of different ages. It is estimated that around 50 millions of people worldwide suffer severe memory problems1 and the number of people affected by troubles with memorising and concentration is growing. Memory is a cognitive activity allowing for temporary or permanent remembering, storing and retrieving information. It is divided into short-term memory, responsible for temporary information storage and perception, and long-term one, responsible for information preservation, memories or skills. Appropriate brain parts are in charge of memory and cognitive processes, learning, and concentration. For these processes to proceed smoothly, appropriate communication between neurons (nerve cells) is needed, thus requiring appropriate level of so-called neurotransmitters responsible for relaying nerve impulses. A neurotransmitter called acetylcholine plays an important role in the emergence of short-term memory. Longterm memory emerges as a result of processing fresh memory and is stored in various centers in brain cortex2 . Maintaining proper acetylcholine level helps preserve concentration, as well as cognitive and executive functions such as memory, thinking, understanding, attention and orientation. This also applies to people affected by dementia – a progressive decline of mental capability. Optimal functioning of neurons may also be affected when there is a decrease in the amount of neurotransmitters in brain, as well as a result of oxidative stress triggered by the accumulation of the so-called oxygen free radicals. Healthy lifestyle and properly balanced diet, as well as appropriate supplementation, foster optimal functioning of the nervous system. DuoLife My

Mind dietary supplement is intended for use as use as support for optimal optimal brain functions for: < People who want to support concentration, memory, and cognitive processes on a daily basis; < Active professionals; < Knowledge workers, including students and pupils; < The elderly; < People with memory problems and symptoms of dementia; < People with concentration problems, at risk of chronic stress; < People dedicated to keeping the nervous system healthy; < People with lowered energy, vitality; < People with lowered mood.


DuoLife My Mind stands for 100% natural botanical extracts and additional ingredients of natural origin: inositol and vitamin B12. The dietary supplement contains: < Proprietary botanical formula COGNIVIA™* based on two sage types with clinically proven effectiveness; < Proprietary chokeberry fruit extract formula – ARONVIT®, standardised to 25% anthocyanins content; < Valuable herbal extract of: Chinese magnolia-vine fruits (Schisandra chinensis), Ginkgo biloba leaf (Ginkgo biloba), rose root (Rhodiola rosea), rosemary leaves (Rosmarinus officinalis), bacopa monnieri/Brahmi leaves (Bacopa monnieri), acerola fruits (Malpighia glabra); < Proprietary formula based on methylcobalamin – active form of vitamin B12 – MECOBALACTIVE**; < Inositol. DuoLife My Mind supports in both young and older people: < Proper memory functions; < Optimal cognitive processes; < Concentration; < The learning process; < Energy and vitality; < Optimal health of the nervous system; < Optimal mood; < Antioxidative processes. Thanks to properties of the ingredients found in the product, the supportive effect of memory and cognitive processes and concentration starts – and is noticeable – after just 1 hour after taking a single dose. It is then further strengthened with each day the supplement is taken!

Recommended in take: People above the age of 12 years: 25–50 ml in the morning, with meal. Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily dose.


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